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  • Antonio Piretti

we have prudent but solid long term setting

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

we have prudent but solid long term bot setting that are daily making profit (little but constant) (14 bots). we don't like trading against the market or using futures for ethical motivations, but we do like using Time-Weighted Average Price Bot (TWAP) (8 bot) or Dollar-Cost-Averaging (DCA) Bot (1 Bot) that we consider helpful somehow in every period and for the most in this one (Bearish). Even if the BTC was negative 16 times on the last 19 days, we were always making profit (little but real).

Ps: for who is super prudent (we like that!) give an eye at the annual % yield of the "Simple Earn" on a good exchange, you'll probably find out that there can be a way, at least, to fight inflation with stable coins and keeping your flexibility.. respect of the usual 0 % yield of a bank account.

We do encourage you to make your own research, these are not financial advice.


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